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Sexual Health

Sexuality is a critical part of normal human development and requires special respect and attention.  Our goal is to help young people develop a healthy sense of their sexuality along with the ability to make self-protective decisions in this important aspect of their lives.  We actively promote conversations around healthy relationships, avoiding unhealthy/controlling/abusive relationships, and deferral of sexual activity until young people are developmentally ready to handle this responsibly. We provide education about sexual risks including sexually transmitted diseases and potential pregnancy.  We take a comprehensive approach to sexuality education and will include teaching about condoms and birth control when appropriate.  We especially encourage and educate parents about having helpful, open dialogue with their children around sexuality so that they may serve as a resource to them when they have questions or worries about sex.

Contraceptive services we provide at our offices include:

  • Estrogen-Progestin combination hormonal contraception
    • Combination oral contraceptives (birth control pills)
    • Contraceptive patch
    • Contraceptive ring
  • Progestin-only contraception
    • Contraceptive implant (Nexplanon)
    • Intrauterine device (IUD, e.g. Mirena, Skyla, others)
    • Progesterone-containing injections (DepoProvera)
    • Progestin-only pills
  • Hormone-free contraception
    • Copper intrauterine device (IUD)

Contraception for minors

Per the laws of the State of Texas, contraception can be provided to minors only with parental consent.  Minors in Texas may only get contraception without parental involvement at Federally-funded Title X clinics (e.g. certain Planned Parenthood locations and Parkland Women’s Centers).

Please note:  We will provide exactly enough birth control to get to your next required appointment.  Please schedule your next appointment plan accordingly to make sure you do not run out of your medication prior to returning to the office.  WE DO NOT HONOR REFILL REQUESTS FROM PHARMACIES.

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