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Patient Policies

Follow-up Appointments

To best accommodate your scheduling preferences, please schedule your recommended follow-up visits at the time of checkout.

Medication Refills (2-4 business days)

Please allow 2-4 business days for all medication refill requests. Our physicians may require appointments for medical examination and medication follow-up in order to provide refills of your medication. A fee may be charged for control substance prescription refills without an appointment.

After-hours Calls (Emergencies only)

Please limit after-hours phone calls to emergencies only. If you have non-emergent concerns, we will be happy to find time to work you in for an appointment during office hours. Alternatively you can leave a message on the Non-Urgent Medical Questions voicemail or you can email your question using the Secure Patient Portal.

Telephone Calls and Emails (2 business days)

We appreciate your cooperation in providing detailed information to our clinical staff to best facilitate a timely response to your concerns. All non-urgent messages will be returned within the next 2 business days. Please use standard email only for non-urgent, non-confidential concerns. We encourage you to use our Secure Patient Portal, which will allow confidential and secure electronic communication (please contact our staff for more information on this option).

Forms and Letters (5 business days)

Upon request, GTW physicians will complete standard annual physical forms at the time of a scheduled annual physical/wellness exam without additional charge. Thank you for understanding that completing forms or other correspondence outside of scheduled annual visits requires staff and physician time; a fee will be charged for this service.

Cancelled or Missed Appointments (24 hours notice)

No shows and appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time will be charged a cancellation fee. Guarantor/parent on the account is responsible for payment.

Payment Collection

We will collect full payment at checkout for each medical appointment. The total amount due may vary depending upon our billing department claim review and your insurance company claim review. A statement will be mailed for any additional amount due or a credit will be applied to the patient’s account.

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