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I’ve been coming to this clinic for 7 years now and it has always been exemplary. I love my doctors and nurses and I am able to get all the help I need in one place. This is the place to send your kid!

- Alex T

The doctors and staff here are wonderful, they are caring, kind compassionate and they take the time that is needed to care for their patients. They are interested in the whole child/young adult. They will address physical and emotional needs to make your child the best they can be. We even talked to one of the doctors on the weekend when we needed it. I have recommended them over and over again.

- Kathy B

Dr. Sugerman is a gem! a true diamond in the rough. She takes the time to provide specific 1 on 1 care to every patient, no matter how long it takes. Her care for our daughter is so good that we now bring our son to see Dr. Blankson. We couldn’t be happier with both!

- Louis M

This is a wonderful and unique practice. A blessing for a mom who raised two boys but still finds herself sometimes bewildered and befuddled by her tween/teen daughter. Dr. Remer is our regular doctor but we have had occasion to see Dr Blankson, Dr. Prengler and Dr. Garza. Each and every one of them is knowledgeable, patient, caring and has taken the time to really listen and address our concerns, always taking the time to follow up whenever the issue has been “out of the ordinary”. We highly recommend them and feel lucky to have such a special practice nearby.

- Denise B

This is simply the best in town. Genuine care. They recently have expanded to serving boys as they become men. If you are a parent, look no further for your healing your child.

- Nancy RG

I can’t express how much Dr. B and Krista and have done for my son the last 3 years. I owe so much to them. They gave me back my son. I am excited that my daughter will start being treated there next week. Thank you all from the front desk to the nurses behind the scenes. I totally recommend this office to anyone needing help.

- Katrina KR

So thankful to have a place for my teens to maintain their health not only physically, but emotionally as well. This place is wonderful!

- Elizabeth HH

HIGHLY recommended. In my search to find a good doctor able to treat “teen girl” health issues, I was SHOCKED to find as I exhausted my insurance providers list- 0 willing to see teen girls. A very kind PA, in one of these offices, told me about Girls to Women. We are so thankful, and can’t say enough about the staff, the moment you walk through the door, until the moment you leave. Dr. Maryann Franken was kind, comforting, and so helpful.

- Tracy P

I have no reservations in making a recommendation to GtW &YM highly. Dr. Susan Sugerman figured out the difficult diagnosis that every other doctor had missed for two years. Her care and compassion are only exceeded by her “smarts”. We love her and this practice.

- Amy CT

Great doctors for young women. Our daughter sees Dr. Susan Sugerman and I would highly recommend these doctors if you are in need.

- Bill U

Girls to women wellness is AMAZING!! Some of the best doctors my kids have seen. Dr. Sugerman is so smart, kind and caring along with Dr. Parcells. My son was sick on a Friday night and I had to take him to ER and I called on call doctor which was Dr. Prengler and I haven’t met her and she kept me so calm and called me EVERYDAY thru the weekend to check on my son and me because he was admitted to hospital! This meant the world to me and she just went above and beyond to check on things when my son isn’t even a patient of hers! Highly recommend Girls to Women!!

- Candice H

I have been seeing Dr. Ruben-Remer for several years now, and never has a doctor been more patient, resourceful, and eager to help me. This is a doctor who truly and deeply cares about all of her patients. She spends time and effort on you, both in and out of the office, and will keep on figthing for you until the best possible solutions are found. She is not only a phenomenal doctor, but a phenomenal person, and you can be damn well sure that you will be in good hands if you see her.

- Emily M

Such a wonderful and unique practice!  We loved the concept of a medical group specializing in that unique time between childhood in adulthood. Young ladies are neither large children, nor small adults. They are a group of their own with unique needs and issues for whom this practice is especially suited to provide care.  It is wonderful that the practice can address both the physical and emotional concerns for their patients.  Initially we saw Dr Remer, but the practice has grown with wonderful additions.  We have seen Dr. Blankson, Dr. Prengler and Dr. Garza in addition to Anna, the nurse practitioner. Each one has taken the time to listen to and get to know my daughter and her specific concerns. When she had a stomach issue that lasted several weeks, Dr. Prengler’s follow up, concern, compassion and patience with a difficult tween was more than anyone could hope from a doctor. We highly recommend everyone at GTW.

- Denise B

I’ve been going here for about 5 years now. I love every single Doctor, therapist, and nurse there. I had a lot of medical issues a while back and I was coming here about once every two weeks. Dr. Rubin-Remer would not stop until we found out what was wrong. She cares so much about her patients and strives to make sure every one she sees is mentally, emotionally and physically sound. Yes, appointments are difficult to pick and choose times because these doctors are in high demand. However, in emergencies they will fit you in. I’m in college and they work with me when I come home so I don’t have to see someone else. Love this place.

- Kaitlyn M

My daughter has been seeing Dr. Susan Sugerman for three years.  I have to say that she is one of the best doctors I have ever met!!   Following the exam, Dr. Sugerman  pulls up a chair close to my daughter and goes through all the details of the exam and makes sure  my daughter understands everything.  When we leave we do not feel like we have been rushed through an exam but that we have been educated!  Dr. Sugerman is the BEST!!

- Jo S

I have been a patient of Dr. Sugerman’s for many years now. I love the care I receive at Girls To Women. I believe that Dr. Sugerman truly cares for my health and well being. She really takes the time to get her know her patients and she helps me through any problems I am having. Even though I am in college she still keeps track and answers any questions that I have. I go to Dr. Sugerman for any and all of my medical needs and she is the best. I have recommended her to many of my friends and they are just as happy with their care. They really do care for their patients at Girls to Women.

- Elizabeth I

I have been a patient at Girls to Women basically since it opened and I would not choose to go anywhere else. Through every question, concern, problem, and milestone a growing woman goes through, Dr. Dana Rubin-Remer has been there with spectacular medical care, emotional support, and all the answers. The nurses and staff at Girls to Women make every visit comfortable and, dare I say, enjoyable. When I dealt with a medical emergency five years ago, Dr. Remer answered every call, even in the middle of the night, and the staff at Girls to Women cooperated with every specialist and hospital I visited to ensure proper care and accurate paperwork was taken care of. Dr. Remer was there with me and my family every step of the way, including working with the specialists after my issues to make sure every medication and treatment I was receiving was the best it could be. I don’t think any other doctor cares as much for her patients’ physical wellbeing, emotional health, and stable support system, as much as Dr. Remer and the staff at Girls to Women. One piece of advice for people considering going to Girls to Women: stop considering and schedule your appointment, I promise you will never look back once you realize what good care looks like.

- Dalya R

Just wanted to thank you all for making visits to the dr.’s office such a positive experience. While I was thinking about that, my daughter, remarked ” I like going to the doctor because they don’t just physically take care of you”. To which I responded, “they take care of the whole you, right?” And she readily agreed! We are so grateful for your expertise, professionalism and your care– literally!

- Happy Mom

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Dr. Sugerman is a gem! a true diamond in the rough. She takes the time to provide specific 1 on 1 care to every patient, no matter how long it takes. Her care for our daughter is so good that we now bring our son to see Dr. Blankson. We couldn’t be happier with both!

- Louis M

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I’m with those who recommend Girls to Women Health and Wellness, they are located at 16980 Dallas Parkway. They specialize in girls/women’s health from age 10-25. We had to change insurance and they are not on our new plan. I still take my daughter there because I refuse to go anywhere else.

- Happy Dad

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Our teenage daughter has been going to Girls to Women over the years seeing Dr. Dana Remer…Not only is Dr. Remer her physician, she is my daughter’s ADVOCATE. When you have a disease that is always misinterpreted and hard to differentiate, you truly need a knowledgeable advocate fighting for your child. Dr. Remer is very persistent with other doctor’s and specialists and fought for us and helped get my daughter into Mayo Clinic. Dr. Dana is truly a caring individual and doctor and if you need an advocate who will battle for your daughter, Dr. Remer is it.

- Randy K

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