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Testing To Grow

Psychoeducational Evaluation

Explore Various Aspects of Learning

Collect Data
-Initial Consultation
-Developmental History
-Previous Assessments
-Input from Doctors/Pertinent Medical Information
-Input from Parents
-Student’s Perspective
-Input from Teachers
-Progress Reports/Report Cards/Transcripts/Standardized Test Results
-Classroom Observation
-Input from Tutors/Study Coaches/Therapists
-Work Samples
-Individualized Formal Testing

Intellectual Functioning
-Processing Abilities
-Language Skills/Receptive/Expressive
-Academic Skills/Problem Solving
-Reading/Basic Skills/Comprehension
-Math/Calculation/Applied Problem Solving
-Written Expression
-Fine-Motor Skills/Handwriting

Behavioral/Executive Functioning/Emotional Factors
-Executive Functioning
-Study Habits
-Report Writing

Data Gathered
-Summary of Findings
-Formal DSM V Diagnosis
-Treatment Plan/Establish Priorities
-Teaching Strategies
-Parent and Student Conferences

Interpret Results
-Discuss Recommendations
-Prepare for School Meetings
-Provide Specifically Selected Referrals for Various Services

Educational Consultant

-Additional Conferences with Students and Parents
-Assist with School Placement Choices
-Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences
-Attend 504 Meetings/Accommodations Meetings
-Attend Special Education ARD Meetings
-Communicate with ADA Learning Specialists on University Campus
-Collaborate with Doctors/Therapists/Study Coaches/Tutors

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