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Morgan Doolittle, M.S., LMFT

I grew up in a large family, where conflict was the norm and finding your voice meant being the loudest person in the room. My parent’s careers were rooted in health care, and seeing them serve people in meaningful ways left lasting impressions on me as well as my siblings. We were always a family of givers, but had our share of medical trauma, divorce and relational conflict in those impressionable years. It left defeat and fear in our path until we found our own repairs down the road. It takes great courage and vulnerability to come to a “stranger” for help. I believe you can’t get the benefits if you don’t take the risk, and it won’t be long until I shift from stranger to a guide you can trust. That’s why, from the start, trust is built on both sides as we navigate and grow through the messy parts of life. Having trained at various levels of care from outpatient to inpatient within UTSouthwestern Medical Center and Children’s Medical Center my focus has become couples and families utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy to restore relationships, build connection, and manage chronic or acute medical and mental health challenges. To learn more about what therapy with me could look like and to schedule a free phone consultation, I’d be honored to collaborate with you.



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