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Elinor Courson, LMFT-A

Whether you are at the dinner table with your family, sitting next to your partner on the couch, or in an office full of coworkers, feeling unnoticed and unheard is a horribly painful experience. Our relationships should be a source of empowerment, safety, and comfort. Not a source of chronic anxiety, stress, and grief. Whether it is the relationship you have with yourself, your spouse, partner, child, parent, co-parent, or food you are looking to heal and improve, with some fine tuning, we can build upon the skills and strengths you already have to create more
meaningful and positive interactions your everyday life and relationships. Practicing through an integrative Attachment Based and Experiential lens, I take a creative approach to therapy that expands beyond typical “talk therapy” and will allow us to further understand the various factors that influence your present life and relationship quality. As a therapist, my number one priority in the therapy room is to create a space where all
emotions can be felt both openly and honestly while helping you learn how to express, manage, and share those emotions in a way that promotes the intimacy, healing, and connection you look for.


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