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Dr. Amanda Smith, Ph.D.

Hi! I’m Dr. Amanda Smith. Outside of being a psychologist, I’m a wife and mother to my two wonderful (and full of energy) children. I’m no different from the clients I see. Like everyone else, I’m human. I’ve been through both wonderful and difficult experiences that have shaped who I am and how I help. Being a psychologist is an honor. I recognize I have no right in what people share with me, but see it as a blessing when they allow me to enter into their most vulnerable moments. I am committed to encouraging you to see healing and transformation.  I grew up in Austin, Texas and completed my B.S. in psychology at Baylor University. Thereafter, I earned my Ph.D. in School Psychology from Texas A&M University. I focused my training on both psychological services in schools and clinical services in outpatient and hospital settings. I completed my doctoral internship at Fort Worth ISD, which further developed my skills in providing assessments and interventions to children with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism, ADHD, and emotional and behavioral concerns that impacted their academic functioning. I then completed an APA accredited post-doctoral fellowship at Children’s Health, Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders. During my fellowship I assessed and treated children with a variety of eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, ARFID, OSFED, etc.) at a variety of levels of care (inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programing and outpatient services). After licensure, I continued working in a multidisciplinary setting, providing assessment and therapy services to a variety of individuals, as well as serving as a director at an eating disorder clinic. My desire to have more creativity and ownership over my work led me into private practice. I currently serve teens and young women who struggle with body image concerns, disordered eating, eating disorders, anxiety and depression. I also provide children and young adults with comprehensive psychological, ADHD, and psycho-educational evaluations. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call and receive your free 15 minute consultation.

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